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Cortex Park


Cortex Park will be a sustainable community both in the traditional environmental sense and socially. Sustainability is not only good for the environment it also contributes to a good working environment. Here you can read about the various initiatives we have implemented to make Cortex Park a sustainable city.

Environmental sustainability

The new buildings in Cortex Park will be placed, shaped and oriented optimally to make the best of the sun and protect the area from the wind. Rainwater will be reused in fountains and streams in the city squares or diverted away in to open lakes to the benefit of the area's wildlife. Rainwater from roofs will evaporate through green roofs, used for watering plants or for cooling and heating buildings. Cortex Park is a green city with urban spaces rich in nature in terms of habitats and vegetation. This ensures a healthy and comfortable microclimate in terms of shelter, temperature and humidity. Intelligent planting and use of rainwater provides shade and cooling the right places to keep energy consumption down.

Social sustainability

The plan for Cortex Park is based on the latest knowledge on job satisfaction. Outdoor spaces between houses will be used for squares and green oasis for city life. Research, business, education and housing is mixed to create life and dynamism. The streets will be inspired by the medieval town with leaning and crooked angles to help create an intimate atmosphere.

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