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Cortex Park


Cortex Park is located in an area known for exceptional knowledge and development of healthcare technology. Here you will find public and private companies, who jointly develop tomorrow's products for the healthcare sector.

Most significantly is Odense University Hospital, which opens its doors in 2022 to a whole new generation of visionary hospitals. Next to the new hospital, the University of Southern Denmark will expand with a new Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition, the Region of Southern Denmark has gathered all activities within innovation and development in the area around the Cortex Park with two test centers, where ideas and prototypes in healthcare technology are being tested. The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has also placed its department of healthcare and robot technology in the area.


A beacon in robotics

Cortex Park is situated close to the latest technological knowledge and development in robotics.

At the University of Southern Denmark the Maersk McKinney institute educates civil engineers specializing in robotics. The university's laboratory has been the cradle of several of the city's robot businesses. Close by is also the headquarters of the two national robotic actors Robocluster and DIRA (Danish Robot Network). In addition, a number of established robot companies and entrepreneurs have settled down in Odense to follow the development of cutting-edge robotics

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